#BB-11FN – Rt 53 (Independence Dr.), WS, at Marquette Dr, FN

This digital unit is located along Route 53, near the history Route 66 Scenic By-Way. This unit is located at the intersection of Route 53 and Marquette Drive, which provides for a dual read to southbound Route 53 and westbound Marquette Drive. The board is located in the southwest Chicago suburb of Romeoville. The unit reads to location traffic, tourist traffic following Route 66 and commuter traffic. The board also targets a large workforce for several major distribution centers are located off of Marquette Drive.


  • Size: 6'H x 12'W - Digital
  • Weekly Impressions: 15,648
  • ZIP Code: 60446


  • Latitude: 41.67167
  • Longitude: -88.06750
  • GeoPath ID: 30719560
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