#BB-10FW – Hassert Dr. (111th St), SS, 50' E/O Naperville-Plainfield Rd, FW

This digital unit will be located along Hassert Dr (111th St) at the intersection of Naperville-Plainfield Road. This intersection serves as the boundary for the city limits of Naperville, Plainfield and Bolingbrook. Located in a highly affluent area, this location is directly across the street for Naperbrook Golf Couse and near Bolingbrook Golf Club.This unit stands out as the only outdoor advertising option within the area and offers a long dwell time from the back up of the traffic light at Naperville-Plainfield Road.


  • Size: 6'H x 12'W - Digital
  • Weekly Impressions: 19,096
  • ZIP Code: 60564


  • Latitude: 41.68125
  • Longitude: -88.16621
  • GeoPath ID: 30715080
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